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collegeNew England Elite YOUTH Football Player Evaluation

During this developmental stage, a youth football player needs to establish a solid fundamental foundation that all future success can be built upon. To accomplish this, it is essential to not fall into the trap of only focusing on skills that players have developed while turning a blind eye to other skills that haven’t been addressed. Identifying, recognizing, and giving campers a roadmap to accomplish this foundation is an essential component to the New England Elite Youth Football Clinic.



Each camper will be evaluated by a college coach and receive a verbal evaluation on the last day of the clinic and a written evaluation via email shortly after the clinic. These evaluations will be both general in nature (basic fundamentals, physical qualities) as well as position specific (ex: WR route running, QB mechanics). The objective of the camper evaluation is to provide each player/parent with an outline of where their level of skill/athleticism/etc currently stands in contrast to those in their age/position group. Most importantly, the evaluation will establish a guideline for what each camper can work to improve upon before starting preseason for their respective programs in August.


All-American Nomination

The top-rated players at the New England Elite Youth Football Clinic will be nominated to various Youth All-American games. These players will have the opportunity to compete against other top youth talent from all over the country. These highly competitive environments will provide a national stage for the “Best of the Best” to rise to the top, regardless of what part of the country a player may call home.

Nominations will be made to the following highly respected events:

  • Diamond Youth All-American Game
  • Dmaxx All-American Game8
  • NUC Youth All-Star Game
  • NSR Youth All-American List
  • FBU All-American Bowl
  • Gridiron Kings All-American Bowl